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Do the Single Plastic Event Toilets have sinks?

Yes all our Single Toilets have sinks in them.

What does the Disabled Unit come with?

All our Disabled Single Toilets come with a built in Baby Changing Unit.

What connection do the Luxury Toilet Blocks connect to?

The blocks can either be connected to a generator or a normal mains 1 x 16 AMP socket.

Do you provide the cables and leads for the units?

Yes we provide all the extension cables and leads needed.

Do we need gas to run the shower units?

Yes every 4  Bay Shower will need 2 x 19kg  bottles of Propane Gas.

We can provide this for you or you can provide your own gas bottles.

What do we need in order to have a 4 Bay Shower Unit at our event? 

You will need good access to a water pressure, electric, and a soak away for grey waste.

Can you provide measurements for the toilet blocks so we can make sure it will fit into our venue?

Yes we can send you all the measurements and pictures. Please call the office and speak to a member of our team.

Do the toilets come with toilet paper and hand towels and soap?

Yes we provide all the hand papers, rolls and soap dispensers for all the toilets.

Can the toilets be locked?

Yes we can provide a key so you can secure your toilet.

If we just wanted 1 Single Event toilet, how many people will be able to use this at an event?

1 Single Toilet will only service 50 guests using the facilities once, so you need to keep that in mind when calculating how many toilets you need for your event, and how long your event is for. Please speak to a member of our team to help you calculate the right solution for you.

If we wanted to keep the toilets for a longer period what service do you provide?

We can offer an additional service on all the Toilet Blocks and Single Plastic Toilets. Please speak to a member of the team.

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