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Other Products

It's not just toilets that we offer.

We have a selection of other products you may find suitable for your event. Please speak to a member of our team who can assist you with your requirements; we have a number of available products useful for outdoor events that are not listed below.

Hand Sanitiser Stands

The standalone stands are perfect for any type of event, to ensure optimum hygiene for your guests. Ideally located at event entrances, food stands and welfare areas.

Lighting Towers

Ideal for marathons, festivals and other outdoor events, to ensure a safe and well-lit environment for your guests.

Transportation Mules

For the ease of movement around your event site, we offer a selection of transportation mules

available for hire.

Mobile (Applause) Sinks

Our sinks are ideal for mobile

and outdoor use. They can be positioned individually or clustered to make a wash station.


IBC units hold 1,000 litres and are available for the removal of toilet waste and waste water.

Mobile Ticket Office

Our standalone mobile ticket

office is a secure distribution point

for tickets, sales and visitor information.


If you event is planned in a more remote location, or you need multiple power sources, we have

a diesel based generator

available for hire.

Picnic Tables

We have 20 wooden finished, collapsible picnic tables available for hire. Each table comfortably seats six guests.


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